10 Road Trip Safety Tips



Summer is quickly winding down and a last minute road trip might be in your future. Whether cross country or up the North shore, safe and well planned road trips will make for the best vacation getaway. Stressful road trips are never enjoyable. Following a few simple tips and reminders can help you leave the stress at home.

 1.)    Have a loose plan. Have goals of where and when to stop and rest or eat, but allow flexibility in your schedule. Having a loose plan can resist the urge to speed to the next destination or make a certain time frame. Summer is the season for road construction and delays may occur. Plan enough days for vacation so travel time is not rushed.

2.)    Tune up the car. Give your car a quick checkup by checking oil, wiper blades, fluid levels, tire pressure, and headlights. All these quick checks can be easily done in your own garage.

3.)    Divide up roles. Have the driver drive, someone tend to the maps and navigation, another plan meals, and so on. Every role is an important part of the traveling experience. Most important, let the driver focus on driving to ensure a safe road trip.

4.) Share driving. Do not let the driver drive hours on end; instead take 4 hour shifts to avoid sleepiness and loss of focus.

5.) Always buckle up! No matter how long the road trip, bukle up 100% of the time.

6.) Join a roadside rescue service.  Roadside assistance can save you a lot of frustration and hassle when unexpected events occur.

7.) App up your phone. Apps are a great tool to use when stopping is a must and you need to find the nearest hotel or gas station.

8.) Lock up all valuables. Store valuables or items that clearly look like gifts in the trunk or glove box when you are away from your vehicle.

9.) Avoid hot spots. Maybe linger a little longer at a restaurnat to avoid rush hour in large cities or find alternate routes.

10.) Except the unexpected. Road trips are about the journey. Unexpected events can turn into great laughs and stories later. Slow down, be prepared, and enjoy the journey.

Safe Travels!